Need an Avy

2010-04-21 00:25:23 by TIMarbury

i have no idea how to make a gif that is not transparent...if anyone wants to make one for my cd cover or for my account i will gladly use it if i like it :)


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2010-04-21 00:26:43

When you make a new file, choose 'background color' as the background color

TIMarbury responds:

thx :D! it worked


2010-05-01 13:57:43


TIMarbury responds:



2010-06-25 01:42:26

its been a bitch for me too

TIMarbury responds:

ya i got this one but i want to make a new one. now i have photoshop to mess with.


2010-08-14 22:55:50


I liked your song Nevertheless so much that I'm putting it into my next Techno CD.

Consider yourself honored, I 0 almost every Techno song I hear in the Audio Portal.

TIMarbury responds:

thanks a lot dude. i am honored whenever i get a comment/review or inbox message when some1 likes my stuff. really keeps me motivated to keep going.


2010-09-12 21:24:13

Your music is great!
Tu musica es estupenda!
Votre musique est superbe!

TIMarbury responds:

thank you :D


2010-10-08 20:11:30

you should go to my page and read my poem i wrote