2010-12-13 02:28:28 by TIMarbury

Made a SoundClick for more of my music if any1 is interested to check it out. Most likely will still post music here as well.


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2011-03-31 19:15:22

heyyy howve u been

TIMarbury responds:

good bro! how bout urself!


2011-04-17 15:47:03

Soundclick? never heard of it.. but are you making money off of your songs on there? cause it says like :50cents for this single.. which is pretty sweet :P i'd love if you would tell me about this. That would be pretty sweet. Thanks man!

TIMarbury responds:

honestly i haven't sold a single song and i stopped going there because you need to promote youself like crazy for people to even see you music on that website. Its more of a scam than to help artists because you basically need to pay them for a "pro" account and then pay them more to "promotion" so it seems like it is not great.