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new song!!!

2017-05-29 15:30:51 by TIMarbury

check out my soundcloud for a new song that i havent put on here!!



New Song!

2017-05-13 15:02:51 by TIMarbury

im back!! please listen to my new song with Reklss Schizophrenia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Brand NEW Website OUT Today!

2012-01-14 07:06:03 by TIMarbury

So i finally got my website updated and looking nice. I have all my social media stuff linked and an about + contact page! check it out and you will be informed or any news / new tracks / perhaps even shows in the future. THANK YOU to all my fans and followers :)


My Brand NEW Website OUT Today!

Dubstep101.com interview!

2011-08-06 20:02:05 by TIMarbury

Had to chance to be interviewed by dubstep101.com

Was a great experienece, if you wanna check it out i'll post the link below. gave a lot of props to newgrounds as a place for artists.


like on facebook :D: http://www.facebook.com/TIMarburyOffic ial


2011-07-31 07:15:42 by TIMarbury

Want more music and related stuff like my Facebook page:

http://www.facebook.com/pages/TIMarbur y/164539540233061

Also posting music on SoundCloud so follow me over there.


Reaching 100 favorties

2011-05-21 11:33:36 by TIMarbury

I'd like to thank everyone who favorited me as an artist. I reached 100 today and i feel pretty proud of that even though 100 might not seem like a lot it is still something, so thanks all of you and if you like my music and if you didn't favorite me and like my music please do so just to let me know that you support my music and stuff. Thanks guys n gals xD


2010-12-13 02:28:28 by TIMarbury

Made a SoundClick for more of my music if any1 is interested to check it out. Most likely will still post music here as well.


Rihanna - Only Girl Remix

2010-11-06 23:18:04 by TIMarbury

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Facebook fanpage!!

2010-10-31 23:25:04 by TIMarbury

Got a facebook fan page now if u wanna check it out. Nothing big just if you wanna keep in touch with me other than newgrounds. Thanks alot guys!

http://www.facebook.com/pages/TIMarbur y/164539540233061

Need an Avy

2010-04-21 00:25:23 by TIMarbury

i have no idea how to make a gif that is not transparent...if anyone wants to make one for my cd cover or for my account i will gladly use it if i like it :)